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MapData2go is a data portal for Geographic Information Systems (GIS) users, which has been launched by Scan/US Inc. Both map data and demographic data will be available here.

Scan/US Inc. was started in 1992 by the principals of Urban Decision Systems, Vladimir Almendinger and Kenneth Needham. UDS was at that time the premiere over-the-counter demographic report provider in the United States, a business which it invented in the 1970's.

Real estate site analysts phoned in and ordered site demographic reports, which were then run by UDS on a mainframe computer, printed, and then faxed to them.

With the release of the Scan/US for Windows software, analysts for the first time had the ability to run their own reports at their own desk.

Because the new Scan/US product had mapping built in, the analyst could click on any geographic sub-component that made up the report, and double check its accuracy.

This all ran on Windows 3.1. It was a miracle!

Around 2007, Scan/US began field-testing a new software that removed all the limitations of the prior version, and improved map appearance.

The data engine for the new version originally shipped as a stand-alone data management product called "DataXPT" -- Short for "Data Export."

The address lookup engine for the new version originally shipped as the core of the Scan/US Desktop geocoder.

The ZIP codes (a current-year version of the same ZIPs that are being given away on this website) had already shipped with earlier versions.

And ALL the databases that are available to you now through the data catalog on this site, are the same data, using the same solid methodology, that Scan/US has shipped with its mapping system, open to the careful scrutiny, block by block across the US, of the thousands of people who have used it to run reports in support of their retail site decisions since Scan/US version 1 first shipped, and for the decades prior to that with UDS, for census data and accurate intercensal estimates and projections, for the last four US censuses.

And now you can use this data on your own GIS.


Scan/US MicroGrid maps shipping out from California

Photo of Scan/US MicroGrid map and data packages ready for shipment in 1993

It's all about the data

Scan/US develops a full range of location-based demographic data products for the United States, plus software tools to understand, organize, extract and use demographic data for site selection and market analysis.

And now Scan/US makes current-year update data and current-year map layers available for use in GIS mapping software.

Yearly demographic updates have been the core business of Scan/US for decades.

Scan/US, starting with Census Bureau and mail delivery count data, estimates current-year and projected year households, incomes, and all other standard demographic variables, at the neighborhood level down to 1-16th of a square mile.

You get the best neighborhood level picture of the population

You can:

  • identify areas of population growth.
  • see demographic characteristics of any area.
  • get the most accurate current-year estimate of population available.
  • get it at any level of geography

Scan/US produces demographic updates you can count on.

Demographic site reports

We don't run individual demographic reports anymore – our customers use Site Express in the Scan/US subscription software to do that themselves – but we can refer you to someone who uses the Scan/US desktop software under a special license to offer over-the-counter demographic reports.

DecisionWhere, Inc has the website, a call-in service which uses Scan/US demographic updates at the level of Scan/US MicroGrids, and offers reasonably-priced demographic report packages, as well as custom reports.

Easy site reports has been one of the things that has drawn site analysts, retail analysts, people doing marketing analysis, and anyone who needs to make the retail site location decision over and over again, sometimes in areas far from familiar ground.

The Scan/US series of demographic profiles, both ring reports and concentric drive-time reports, have been one of the big draws of the yearly Scan/US Subscription.

Just one more thing

This website is the portal for people to obtain Scan/US data for use in their own GIS software, own web project or intranet. But if you don't have your own GIS software or in-house expert to do your demographic reports for you, call us to get started with the capable, convenient Scan/US Subscription.

For more information please visit the Scan/US website at