Demographic Data Catalog, Geographic Shapefile Catalog from Scan/US

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The Data Catalog on has two categories shown below

Geographic layers for GIS in shapefile format, first, followed by:
Demographic Data in CSV (standard comma delimited) or Excel format for those layers.

Geographic layers , such as the ZIP layer that you can download from right now, must be loaded [by you] into a GIS system such as ESRI's ArcGIS, Pitney-Bowes's MapInfo Professional, or even Microsoft MapPoint.

If you do not have the geographic layer present in your system, it can be obtained from this data catalog.

Once loaded, geographic objects (such as ZIP codes) are data containers for the other kind of items in this catalog: demographic data.

Each database for a layer contains all dataitem values for every object (ZIPs, Census Block Groups or Tracts) in that layer


Geographic Layers for GIS in Shapefile Format

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Scan/US ZIP Boundaries

Available NOW for PURCHASE: (please call)

2019 Scan/US MicroGrid® Boundaries

Scan/US Census Tract Boundaries

Scan/US Census Block Group Boundaries

Scan/US Census Block Boundaries

Scan/US Census Block Centroids

Scan/US State and County Boundaries

Current Postal Carrier Route Centroids ** with USPS postal delivery counts: $995

Available SOON:

Next-month Postal Carrier Route Centroids

**Data items included with Postal Carrier Routes

Unlike other geographic boundary sets the postal carrier route centroids also ship with counts of USPS active deliveries, as follows:

Carrier Route Delivery Stats ($995)

  • Carrier Route
  • current USPS active residential deliveries
  • current USPS active business deliveries
  • current USPS business/family drops

The full demographics update and projections database is available for Carrier Route Centroids for $1995 per year.


Demographic Data in CSV format

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The following datasets are available at ZIP, Census Block group or Census Tract, and for Scan/US MicroGrids.

The two Essential Demographics Databases offered are a concise set of about 35 selected variables from the category. One of these databases, Essential 2019 Demographics, contains data items pertaining to population, race and ethnicity, age, households, families, labor force, income, housing, postal deliveries, as well as pop change from 2000.

The "Full" databases are made up of approx 160 to 275 data variables, and are priced for one layer. The "Full, Census layers" are for Census Block Group, Tract, AND ZIP code, and include the "full" database for all of these layers. "Full, Scan/US MicroGrids" include the "full" database for Scan/US MicroGrids.

Note: data pricing is exclusive of geographic GIS layers, which will also be needed in order to map data.

With the exception of the "essential" datalists, which have been produced specially for, all datalists shown are standard products from the Scan/US product catalog, presented here for use in GIS mapping.

Essential Demographic Data for ZIPS or any other layer

Essential 2019 Demographic Update Call
Essential 2019 Daytime DemographicsCall
Essential 2019 Demographics Updates available now.

Specialty Demographic Data: Estimates & Projections

full Census layers: $2495

2019/2024 Detailed Demographic Updates

Includes population, households, ethnicity, income, education, work status and age distributions

2019/2024 Household Income by Age of Householder

Includes income distributions by age of head of householder.

Daytime Demographic Data: Business and Employment

essential: Call, full Census layers: $2995

2019 Business Summary

2019 Business by Type

2019 Employees by Occupation

2019 Business by Industry (NAICS-based)

2019 Business by Industry (SIC-based)

2019 Retail (NAICS-based)

Census Detailed Reference Demographics

Available now:

US Census 2010 Demographics datasets


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got software?

This note is for readers who have the Scan/US Subscription software, or who do not have mapping software of any type.

None of the products shown on this page include software of any type, which means they require software in order to be of use. They are designed to be used in Geographic Information System (GIS) software, or mapping software.

If you need to make demographic maps, and you DO NOT have demographic mapping software at this time, we strongly suggest you visit our software website, at and then call to get a demo of the Scan/US Subscription edition.

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The readers of this page who are users of the standard Scan/US Subscription may want to know, out of the above data, what data they have on their computer already.

The answer is this: Scan/US Subscription users have all six databases shown above in the section headed "Fundamental Demographics", which is enclosed in a box with a dotted red line around it.